Sunday, February 1, 2009


WooHoo Football! Hahahaha like I have the attention spam to watch football. At least last year I liked the Patriots (when I say like I mean I used to live in CT and so I root for them and same with San Francisco). So last year it was quite entertaining to be the only female in a room full of guys and the only Pats fan. But at least it was fun witty banter the whole night. Although watching Brady get sacked repeatedly got to be a little much, well not so much watching that as the glee and happiness on everyones face when it did happen.
This Superbowl no one was rooting for anyone really. I mean everyone seemed to choose a side but not really care. There were some good plays thank god but overall it was just really long. Luckily Grace was here so I could make derby references to get myself thru it. The quarterback is now the Jammer in my mind and they don't fight nearly enough. Although one guy did and he fought dirty! Punching the other guys back, that's not right. And the ballets moves were pretty cool too. I just can't handle the stop and go, stop and go. Way too much downtime for not enough action in my opinion. Although I think there are millions of people out there who disagree for starters the 75,000 that were in the Stadium and lets see cheap seats are $2,000. So that means at minimum they made $150,000,000. Holy beejezus that's a lot of money.
Dude it would be so sweet if that crowd was there to see Roller Derby! Good god i really need to start talking about other things I'm sure my non derby friends are quite sick of hearing about it by now.

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Ginamonster said...

HAHAHA! I loved the Derby References! And Rock Band at half time!