Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh My Word

That's it. I have hit the edge of the internet. I have exhausted all of my known entertaining sites. Yet I have so many more hours of work. I know there are productive things I could be doing but the inbox is empty and my brain is as well. Hannah can attest to that as very few things that have left my mouth have made any sense today. I guess its time to perfect the art of looking busy. Until they decide to give us something to do! After many many requests its apparent they wont.
1. Always have a file in front of you open with papers in disarray as though you have rifled through them.
2. Windows button+d is a fabulous thing. Click, click, click of windows being shut is a dead give away.
3. Don't look up when someone approaches your desk, type frantically (instant messanger is fabulous!) and become enthralled with your monitor.
4. When someone asks for something point to the stack in front of you and explain "as soon as I am caught up" with a pathetic shrug.
Slave drivers....
Yeah pretending to be busy in a real estate office, don't know how much longer I can pull this one off.