Friday, December 19, 2008


I get to be on ghetto vacation next week. If I didn't have to come in for half a day Weds. I wouldn't have to see this place for 9 days. But thats ok I an suffer thru one half day and do whatever I want for the rest of the week. Everyone will it to be sunny so I can get out there and skate. My legs are withering away!
Oh on the bright side (so bright I gotta wear shades) I think my last day in this evil place will be the last day of this year. I have signed myself up for a full load of classes and will actually graduate after the Spring semester. Its only taken me 6 years! I got lost and then found the boy and work and DERBY and now I think I can balance everything.

Friday, November 28, 2008

News Flash

I have ATTITUDE! Yes indeedy. The new boss sat me down for a friendly chat where he informed me that he has noticed 2 things about me: 1. I am very competent 2. I have attitude.
Not bad attitude....yet. Just attitude and apparently I am undermining myself. He asked if that was fair. I said yes, and it mostly stems from the frustration of not knowing what is going on in this place and of course Survivor Island. He assured me that I have a place here and I'm smart and good at my job and blah blah blah. He seems to be a rather intelligent guy and I am trying not to hold it against him that he has no idea whats going on and that he seems sucked in by the hags in the back.
In other news I am stuck at work on Black Friday and have finally decided that is quite a blessing as I really shouldn't be spending money on more items to fill the void in my life. I miss the high tho! Oh that quick fix of happiness. But I really do need a 1TB external Hard Drive-I swear I do and a net book (porn book as the Honky calls it).
I am also patiently waiting for the boy (who did make it out to the Black Friday sales) to bring me lunch. Many hours have passed since I last spoke to him and I am worried he may have been devoured in a mob of crazed WalMart patrons. That means I'll be needing a new black dress.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008


My day started at 5:30 am this morning. I went to sleep around 12:30am. I needed to take the Boy to his carpool as his car is still in the shop *shakes fist at Honda dealership*. Of course first the boys needed to go to their moms house in aluminum heights. So I am trying not to be cranky as the Boy did make coffee and warm up my car but its really hard on 5 hours of sleep to be a chipper happy person.
We get into the car where I proceed to try and take a nap on the ride from Sparks to Sun Valley. Yeah that didn't happen. Ok I will get a wittle nap in on the drive to Damonte Ranch Pkwy. No sireeeeeeeeeeee the Boy somehow completely misses the eyes closed head off to one side thing I have going on and tries to talk tome the whole way there! Ok fine fine we arrive and I should have 1 hour to sleep when I get home.
1 Block from home my cute wittle Digger Doggy starts gagging. Luckily the sweetheart that he is he leans forward so he only gets a little bit on the seat and all the chunky stuff is on the floormat. So yeah there goes my sleeping time. Instead I stood outside at 6:30 in the morning cleaning yuckiness out of my car so it wouldn't smell like doggie puke.
So brief run down on where I have been: Sparks, Sun Valley, South Reno, Sparks then back to Reno for work.
My work day has made the morning look like a walk in the park however. Survivor is still on and I am slowly sinking. While I briefly decided that it was worth fighting for I have now decided that I do not want to be anything like the evil sheisty hags in the back. If I continue to stay here I think its inevitable that I become one of them. Vacation is calling my name, sleep, cable, munchies, lotsa skating.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh My Word

That's it. I have hit the edge of the internet. I have exhausted all of my known entertaining sites. Yet I have so many more hours of work. I know there are productive things I could be doing but the inbox is empty and my brain is as well. Hannah can attest to that as very few things that have left my mouth have made any sense today. I guess its time to perfect the art of looking busy. Until they decide to give us something to do! After many many requests its apparent they wont.
1. Always have a file in front of you open with papers in disarray as though you have rifled through them.
2. Windows button+d is a fabulous thing. Click, click, click of windows being shut is a dead give away.
3. Don't look up when someone approaches your desk, type frantically (instant messanger is fabulous!) and become enthralled with your monitor.
4. When someone asks for something point to the stack in front of you and explain "as soon as I am caught up" with a pathetic shrug.
Slave drivers....
Yeah pretending to be busy in a real estate office, don't know how much longer I can pull this one off.