Friday, January 30, 2009

Cell Phones & Cigarettes

In class yesterday it was brought up that for some it may be easier to give up cell phones than smoking. I think I probably fall into that category as well. My cell phone has slowly taken over my life. Derby of course greatly helped that out. Before derby I didn't have unlimited minutes and texting was rarely done. Now I'm up to 1200 minutes+ a month and probably just as many texts. I am trying to get more polite about my phone usage. If I hear the chime of a text I try and wait until there is a break in conversation or dinner is over or what not. But if it chimes twice then I have to get up and see what it is. I have to! I tried to make a rule that after 5 on weekdays I wasn't available to the derby peeps it lasted for awhile and maybe they just need a reminder.
I just finished watching Good Morning America and there were 3 teenagers on that were labeled "Extreme Texters". They averaged 33,000 texts a month! Holy Crapola what could you possibly have to say? At least I'm not that bad! Well if the boy could have his say he would tell me I am that bad. If I don't answer my phone or a text right away he asks if I am feeling OK! Hopefully he is joking I have been making an effort to be a little better. Like quittting smoking-one day at a time and start by cutting back slowly.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rock Band-great game super fun and very addicting. Also the reason I am super tired today. I didn't get to sleep in either not that I have been but if I had the choice I would have slept in today. I didn't tho I woke up at 8 so that I could take the angel to the park and hit the town with Taryn. Our goal was to go from business to business asking for money. Hooray you say "Oh I wish I could have been there!" Asking people for money, yes it was a joy. My least favorite task for the RRG but quite necessary because well, we are poor and NEED money. It was despite the whole being told no thing I got to hang with my derby peep Taryn and gab. Its nice to get out after spending way too much time watching daytime television lately. OMG it was fine for the first week or 2 but then the boy decided to ditch the movie channels. Damn it. I hate commercials. I am so spoiled by the damn DVR. I remember the old days when I would get up and do stuff during the commercials like laundry or dishes or pee. Not anymore now I just record what I want to watch and fast forward. Damn I am lazy. Everything I need from the comfort of bed. TV and laptop so I can farm while I watch tv. Damn Grace for introducing me to my farm. I lost 2 whole crops during the SF trip. 2 crops! Yea so its a fake farm on facebook, so what. I am quite attached to it. Maybe because I don't have a green thumb in real life. I have a blck thumb. Terri and I used to put all the plants we'd killed on the back deck. It was a sad sad site out there. But now I don't need dirt or water just a computer and who cares that I get nothing from it. I get satisfaction.
It was a very satisfying day but now I am sooooooo tired and I have practice. *Woosah*

Sunday, January 25, 2009

1 Day Road Trip

Yesterday I drove 3 derby girls and myself (duh!) to San Francisco to get on that wonderful banked track of the Bombers. The track was awesome as always. A little crowded-it seems word is spreading that people can just jump on the track and have at it so there were a lot of girls from Sac City and even a couple from Spokane, WA. I was super stoked when Dave asked me to be one of the people up front for drills. I need a little acknowledgments here and there. Not all the time just every now and again-but who doesn't. Hannah was doing awesome learning some tricky backward whips with Frank and I am super proud of VaNastee and Bottle Rocket who kept at it till they got it!
As much as I love the track and skating the best part was the car ride there and back. Good conversation, jokes and derby dreams the whole way. I love it when I get to hang with girls I don't know so well and get to know them better. It was the perfect mix of girls to make it interesting and entertaining. We stopped at Ikea on the way there for lunch (Swedish Meatballs!) and I wish I could say our stops on the way home were as pleasant and uneventful as Ikea was. Sadly no but stil a good time. We made it to the Reno turn off on 80 (just past sacIi think) and stopped for gas-totally delirous. The cashier thought we were high as we tried to decide between hostess and candy and energy drinks and sodas. I went with the Chocolate Hotess Pie and a strawberry soda that complemented the energy drink I had previously quite nicely.
Then it was smooth sailing again until right before Boreal when the EFFING CHAIN NATZIS in California had a damn mandatory chain check. Of course they plan these things right before a gas station and it was mutually decided that for $20 it was well worth it for the gas station attendant to put them on for us. I would like to say that I did bring a trash bag, gloves, a beanie and blanket to put on my own chains but it was 1:30 in the morning and I was tired! The rad guy that put the chains on agreed to take a picture with us. When I say agreed I mean we prolly made his night!
Anyway that was 1:30am and it was slow going from then on out. We finally got them off (I mean Hannah got them off cause shes fuccking rad) just past the agriculture check station and after dropping everyone off I got home at 3:40am!
Holy shit tho those girls are the best co-pilots ever! Very little dozing and awesome conversation the whole way! A very succesful trip imho.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Permanent Vacation!

Attitude is apparently my downfall. Not bad, just attitude. I was laid off due to cut backs on December 31. We all knew this was coming and I was quite prepared. The poor guy who had to break the news to me was very somber while I tried rather poorly to hide my shit eating grin. That was it I am free. I have been free for a little while now and while I did have a few do nothing but watch tv days I find that derby is now my full time job. Not that it hasn't been its just different when I'm not cramming into spare minutes at work and actually planning my day around it.
Thank god we are practicing again or I would be having many moments of "why am I working my ass off?". Oh yeah cause I get to skate! And when I skate everything is good and happy.
The boy is being incredibly great about the whole laid off thing. So is the sister. Of course I am cleaning their houses since I have the time. I am slightly worried tho that I may have been sucked to far into derby. Must balance better and not get all consumed.
Oooohhh and on the ex-work front the bitches that threw me under the bus are slowly going down in flames. And those that were my friends there still are and are defending me! That's so amazing to me as most of the time the person that gets canned becomes the scapegoat for all and I even told Mz V that I don't mind if that became me. But she wont let it! What a rad girl.
So happy I have my network of peeps and my poor wife who has me calling all the time for everything from venting to omg (insert randomness here)!
Ooohhh and a new venture with an old friend-Cakes of awesomeness. I am not so good with the hands on but I have ideas and she can make fondant! WooHoo!!!!
Plenty to keep me busy.