Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rock Band-great game super fun and very addicting. Also the reason I am super tired today. I didn't get to sleep in either not that I have been but if I had the choice I would have slept in today. I didn't tho I woke up at 8 so that I could take the angel to the park and hit the town with Taryn. Our goal was to go from business to business asking for money. Hooray you say "Oh I wish I could have been there!" Asking people for money, yes it was a joy. My least favorite task for the RRG but quite necessary because well, we are poor and NEED money. It was despite the whole being told no thing I got to hang with my derby peep Taryn and gab. Its nice to get out after spending way too much time watching daytime television lately. OMG it was fine for the first week or 2 but then the boy decided to ditch the movie channels. Damn it. I hate commercials. I am so spoiled by the damn DVR. I remember the old days when I would get up and do stuff during the commercials like laundry or dishes or pee. Not anymore now I just record what I want to watch and fast forward. Damn I am lazy. Everything I need from the comfort of bed. TV and laptop so I can farm while I watch tv. Damn Grace for introducing me to my farm. I lost 2 whole crops during the SF trip. 2 crops! Yea so its a fake farm on facebook, so what. I am quite attached to it. Maybe because I don't have a green thumb in real life. I have a blck thumb. Terri and I used to put all the plants we'd killed on the back deck. It was a sad sad site out there. But now I don't need dirt or water just a computer and who cares that I get nothing from it. I get satisfaction.
It was a very satisfying day but now I am sooooooo tired and I have practice. *Woosah*

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