Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Permanent Vacation!

Attitude is apparently my downfall. Not bad, just attitude. I was laid off due to cut backs on December 31. We all knew this was coming and I was quite prepared. The poor guy who had to break the news to me was very somber while I tried rather poorly to hide my shit eating grin. That was it I am free. I have been free for a little while now and while I did have a few do nothing but watch tv days I find that derby is now my full time job. Not that it hasn't been its just different when I'm not cramming into spare minutes at work and actually planning my day around it.
Thank god we are practicing again or I would be having many moments of "why am I working my ass off?". Oh yeah cause I get to skate! And when I skate everything is good and happy.
The boy is being incredibly great about the whole laid off thing. So is the sister. Of course I am cleaning their houses since I have the time. I am slightly worried tho that I may have been sucked to far into derby. Must balance better and not get all consumed.
Oooohhh and on the ex-work front the bitches that threw me under the bus are slowly going down in flames. And those that were my friends there still are and are defending me! That's so amazing to me as most of the time the person that gets canned becomes the scapegoat for all and I even told Mz V that I don't mind if that became me. But she wont let it! What a rad girl.
So happy I have my network of peeps and my poor wife who has me calling all the time for everything from venting to omg (insert randomness here)!
Ooohhh and a new venture with an old friend-Cakes of awesomeness. I am not so good with the hands on but I have ideas and she can make fondant! WooHoo!!!!
Plenty to keep me busy.


Sara said...

decorating cakes kicks butt. i love it when you get to eat it.

Ginamonster said...

I'm still jealous that you get to make cakes while I am at work. But someone around here needs to bring home the bacon, even if it is sizzlean.

And you can call and rant anytime. I'm glad you know that.