Friday, January 30, 2009

Cell Phones & Cigarettes

In class yesterday it was brought up that for some it may be easier to give up cell phones than smoking. I think I probably fall into that category as well. My cell phone has slowly taken over my life. Derby of course greatly helped that out. Before derby I didn't have unlimited minutes and texting was rarely done. Now I'm up to 1200 minutes+ a month and probably just as many texts. I am trying to get more polite about my phone usage. If I hear the chime of a text I try and wait until there is a break in conversation or dinner is over or what not. But if it chimes twice then I have to get up and see what it is. I have to! I tried to make a rule that after 5 on weekdays I wasn't available to the derby peeps it lasted for awhile and maybe they just need a reminder.
I just finished watching Good Morning America and there were 3 teenagers on that were labeled "Extreme Texters". They averaged 33,000 texts a month! Holy Crapola what could you possibly have to say? At least I'm not that bad! Well if the boy could have his say he would tell me I am that bad. If I don't answer my phone or a text right away he asks if I am feeling OK! Hopefully he is joking I have been making an effort to be a little better. Like quittting smoking-one day at a time and start by cutting back slowly.

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