Monday, March 28, 2011

I feel guilty when I say no

Someday I will learn to say no.  Until then I am yet another stage of overwhelmed.  School, derby, unr club for derby, trying to have fun time.  Something is gonna have to give. Actually the thing that is killing me is my mother and her assuming I have all the time in the world to answer her emails and calls and run her bitch errands.  She has seen how busy I am and even commented on me needing an assistant yet she adds to my load without a second thought. *sigh*

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So this is what its all about.

The year of me continues!
I had an amazingly EPIC good time tonight.  Jello wrestling was so much fun.  Not so much the Jello which was absolutely freezing but the RRGs and the crowd made it the best wrestling adventure yet.  Luckily (uh yeah I did the lineup) Brain Freeze and I went first so the jello was still pretty and looked like jello.  By the end of the night the orange and lime mixed with 40-something cans of whipped cream and looked basically like chunky light brown vomit.
The highlight of wrestling was a bachelor party (19 guys!).  They were phenomenal.  3 of them, wait 4?, wrestled the a girl but of course that turned into all the girls.  Even Sgt. Sin and the Nick of radness wrestled.  OMG sticky evil nastiness when it dried and it was everywhere. 
Back to the bachelor party of radness. I got a text from the grooms phone (who sent it I have no idea) saying Ï find you to be quite fetching. Come home with us!!!
What could I do? I HAD to meet up with them.  Did I mention that they took the peppermill bus to Carson for wrestling? 2 of them were kind enough to let me use their shower and we were off to the Mens Club where my showered wife would meet us.
They made us feel like Queens! Thanked us profously for the wrestling and even more so for joining them. They even toasted us.  My ego needed that.  It also enjoyed the blatant flirting from the super cute (but not so bright boy) who told me I was the most attractive girl that wrestled.  Woohoo for me!
Mens club rocked Groom bought me a lap dance and I knew the chick so we put on a good show for them ;)  Crazy crazy night.  Wound up back at their room hanging out until not attractive dood made a few too may passes and we took that as our sign to head home.
Fantastic night.  EPIC. 
I think people do this stuff often.  I think people are supposed to have fun.  I can't believe I have been missing out on all of this amazingness.  No point dwelling, I am just happy I learned now that I can go out and meet new people and have FUN. Fun, fun, fun, I deeply missed having fun and adventures. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

6 hours of awesome

So awesome in fact that I am actually going to blog about them.  Impromptu girls night out orchestrated through facebook.  Original plan: Laser tag and bull riding.  What really happened: Drinks and apps at Caddy Ranch with a rousing game of "have you ever".  Left fully tipsy and somehow forget entirely about the bull riding.  Did I mention that Sin (my hero) was our (creme, necro, and myself) DD.  Thank you Sin.  So our fabulous DD drove us to the GSR for laser tag and yippee Slayla met us there.  Hit the honky tonk bar but it was far to early (we weren't drunk enough yet) to line dance.  So laser tag! Yeah, fuck that.  Little kids everywhere.  Don't know what I was thinking.  On to the bowling alley bar for more drinks! Having been refueled with alcohol it was time for the next phase our night.  We headed to the Walmart.  Skates on in the parking lot, Slayla attempting to catch video we rolled inside.  The greeters greeted us warmly and asked us to slow down. SAWEET!
     Side note: When we did this at Target they booted us in about 15 seconds)
The floor inside Walmart is some amazing polished concrete.  AMAZING.  We cruised through grocery and then split up into 2 groups and cruised somewhere.  We thinks it was about 5 minutes before the manager politely informed us that we could not have roller skates in the store.  I asked if we could purchase and anergy drink on our way out and he obliged.  Are you kidding me??!! FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!  Saldy video didn't turn out but hey it was a freaking blast so who cares.  Next stop on teh girls night out tour was teh GSR parking lot to regroup.  Upon arriving at the car it was noticed that a woman was sitting inside her car honky her horn yelling at a gentlemen that was PEEING on her car.  Seriously.  RRG to the rescue we skate/run over and Slayla verbally asaults the guy.  At that moment the lady hops out and says Ït's OK, he is my best friend!"  We all had a damn good chuckle and her peeing friend told us he was happy there were still heors out there.  Slayla ran ém over a flier for our poker run and we were on our way.  To the Alibi.  Damn I love that bar.  If you haven't been then go.  Now, you can finish reading this later.  The Alibi was just as Epic as the rest of the night had been.  Truth or Dare app on Necro's phone, well really just Dare.  Sitting at a bar wearing roller skates, drinking, daring, and of course dancing on tables singing Journey at the top of our lungs.  Totally epic.  AND it wasn't over yet.  Donuts. mmmm donuts.  We skated over to the donut place at the beginning of Wells.  Dood, tasty tasty tasty donuts. 
That is what Spring Break is all about my friends.  Insanely fun nights full of drunken laughter and rediculous dares.  Some pretty funny-ass truths too. 
Sin almost got hit by a drunk driver on the way home, ironic?