Monday, February 9, 2009

I hurt, everywhere

Saturday night was the bout. I am pretty close to positive that all the hard work (the driving around town handing out fliers, selling ad space, making phone calls) paid off. We had a great crowd at the rink and omg the freshmeat were amazing-they set up, sold raffle, cleaned up and generally did whatever was asked of them. Which of course makes it so difficult to let them skate in the next bout. They better all find a replacement!
The first half was crazy tension and a bunch of bitterness from me. I was super unhappy with the way people were playing. Its so easy to say "Just let it go and have fun" its so freaking hard to actually to that. Despite Robins numerous pep talks, even one that kept my team from having a pivot or blockers on the track, it was so hard to pull myself out of that black mood. I am sure it had a whole lot to do with this being my first bout without health insurance and I walked away from it with more injuries than ever before. I've got some awesome rink rash on my left hip, my right knee is wicked bruised, my right shoulder hurts, my right arm is totally bruised where I tripped over Patrick and hit the penalty wheel (yeah, yeah) my ass hurts from getting knocked on it all night. But its derby and I love it! I am bummed none of my bruises are photo worthy.
Oh and of curse my wife gave me a bloody nose! Wasn't painful just managed to get bumped in the right spot. And I needed that, I needed a fun little fight it got me back in the mood I wanted to be in, I needed to be in.
So the Mafia Mollies won (that's the team I am on) but it was super close.
The damper on the evening was girls from the other team in town showed up to bestow upon us their advice. Which they yelled out as we were skating y like we had never done this before. Like this wasn't our 5th bout in less than a year! They even had the nerve to walk up and offer to coach us. I was upset over that but simply skated away. I don't understand when they are going to accept that we skate but 2 completely different sets of rules! One team has nothing to do with the other. Its absurd that its been 1.5 years since I have been an RRG and this crap has always been happening. It is only a small number of their girls that behave that way, unfortunately their president is one of them. That's the girl that came to the bout and yelled snide comments throughout and if that wasn't bad enough she showed up at our after party too. She and another cornered our girls and told them we would never be banked track and tried to recruit our media relations girl and our Vice Prez. Dumb CUNextTuesdays didn't realize the mistake they made there! After they threw a beer at H.Ivy and got punched in the face for it they were booted from the bar. Only to return an hour later at which time Mz Vindictive handed them their asses. I don't condone derby girls fighting derby girls and everyone on RRG knows they are not to talk badly of any other league including the other league in town or the one in Tahoe but when this girl smack talks at the bout and then shows up at out after party still running her mouth well then she got what she deserved. I will back Mz. V 100% and I will also be damn glad that Mz. V is on my side and has my back!
I went into this bout worried about my team v your team mentalities and unneeded rivalries. There was for sure tension during the bout but the after party was anything but clicky and I am quite happy that things returned to normal.
I don't know if I really want to bout again in a month but I am sure by that time I'll be more than ready.

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Ginamonster said...

I'm happy for the little break. I can't help it, my body hurts. And I really do feel bad about the bloody nose!