Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have you seen me?

I think its time to find myself again.  While I have had oodles of fun playing the party girl the last couple of months, crap I think its actually been a year, I am starting to miss the responsible Vickey that was always on top of her shit.  I know the Honky misses her. 
I'm not sure I remember her exactly but maybe I can keep some of the new and blend it with the old to make a new and improved Vickey.  One that sleeps a little more, studies a little more, and generally cares a little more.  Aha that was it, caring.  I used to care.  I know why I stopped caring but in hind-site I don't think that was the solution.  Although it did take me to some crazy places with some amazing adventures. 
I still want adventures so now I will have to deal with disappointment but that is better than losing myself in the madness. 

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