Sunday, October 16, 2011

Amazing adventures=Good for my Soul

Lately I have been a tad on the mopey side.  Too much stress and not enough outlets.  Derby of course my main outlet was put on the back burner for school, and after a nasty spill at the marina I don't get to recreation skate for a spell either.
Stress List:
Tied for 1st and 2nd place: School and Derby.
Derby: If I put any more of my own money into the league I am going to have to quit school and work full time. How the eff are we going to make it through the next 2 months.
School: I haven't managed my time wisely and my grades show it.
I am accepting that this feeling of angst is here to stay for a while.  At least through the semester.
The cure for the angst is 24 hour mini vacations to SF.  Thank god for a good friend that lets me be me to an extreme level.  No filters, no offending, just super good times.  No planning, no stressing time and we always have a blast.  The most recent trip was so fantastic that I need to blog about it.
Friday night we went to our new favorite restaurant Grand Cafe.  Dinner was amazing as always but HOLY SHIT I have a new favorite drink-a fresh berry basil martini.  It was like candy.  Candy that got me trashed.  2 of those, 2 absolute mandarin and 7s.  Yeah I was barely walking.  Well thats how I felt but apparently I hide the drunk pretty well-Ed couldn't tell.  After 4 I had to head to the room, sleep came quick.  Saturday was time for touristy fun! Living in SF I never did any of the touristy BS, that was for the tourists right? Oh hell no! That shit was awesome.  We tried to do Alcatraz but it was sold out and so we rode the duck.  They gave us Quakers, we quacked, sang, danced, laughed.  I got to drive (when we were on water, not land).  Ed got a pic of me texting and driving. It was so awesome I am including the link  next was the Boudins for clam chowder in bread bowls and then the Aquarium-which was fun but they have nothing on the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Then to top it all off we took the 30 Stockton back to the hotel.  If you haven't been on the 30 Stockton-well you've missed out on a true SF experience.  Then we headed our happy asses back to Reno.

                                          Berry Basil Martini of awesomeness

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