Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Status quo

I've always believed that everything happens for a reason.  So when i didn't get the job that I really, really wanted after graduating I assumed it was because something amazing was coming my way instead.  Shortly after I received a call from an old coworker and viola! I was graduated and employed and ready to make shit happen.
So here I am employed in the worst job I think I have ever had.  Why is it the worst?  Because I can't care about this job, I can't try and make this a better place.  No one here gives a crap, they are all totally ok with status quo.  No desire to update or even stop the employees from robbing it blind.  Apparently, they would rather have friends than employees. I tried for 2 months to help ease them into the technological era, and to nip the employee rapage in the bud.  While they smiled and nodded at me with glazed over eyes they were really just appeasing me with no intention what-so-ever of changing anything.  At least it kept me busy for a brief moment.
I am finding it more and more difficult to work at a place that I cannot invest myself in emotionally.  I am not a "punch-in punch-out" person.  I need to care.  I also need to be busy and that isn't really happening here either.  More and more I am looking for something new outside the state.  As much as I love Reno it doesn't seem to be reciprocated right now.  Leaving is a huge decision and one that i will not make lightly.  For now it is just a tiny pebble rolling around inside my brain.  I listen to it tinker around but I am still able to ignore it.  I fear that it shall become a bowling ball before too long and not easily ignorable.  We shall see.

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