Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday!

Its been ages and ages since I posted.  Too busy or lazy im not sure which.  I had to break the streak to write about the epic awesomeness that was back Friday!
Jackie, Pdog, and I rolled out of the house at 11:30 and headed to Legends where we signed up for the shopping spree and hit up a couple stores that were smart enough to open before midnight.  Then it was off to Toys R Us where we waited in line (with the rest of Reno?!) for 1.5 hours after the store had opened. Brrrrrrrr but well worth it as we got all the holiday deals we wanted and shopping for the boys is DONE.  Jackie scored quite a few things as (insert massive warm fuzzies) she and Ed are not buying presents for each other, they decided to buy presents for the Christmas on the Corridor kids and the cancer kids in the hospital instead.  Yeah you know YOU feel like an ass now, I do too. Toys R Us was crazy insane madness, you couldn't even push a cart down the isles (Jackie totally stole someones cart, and I will be forever grateful, pdog too since he got stuck waiting in the HUGE line while we shopped).
From Toys R Us it was back to Legends, after dropping pdog off at home, and clothes shopping for Jack and I until Target opened at 5.  Target was rad-doors were open and there was no counting heads and stopping people at a certain number.  They had their shit together.  Once again I got exactly what I went for and despite a line that went around the store we only waited in it for 10 minutes!  Jack was done after that so I dropped her happy ass off at home and headed to Ace for the shop vac pdog wanted, got there right at opening (7am) scored te shop vac and headed to 2 different Radio Shacks to get the sweet camera deal.  Finally got home some where around 8 am.  When I say home I meant the place I was cat sitting and while adorable I think the cat was either dying or on a hunger strike.
I managed to stay awake until 10am and then I was out like a light...until Jackie called at 11:30 because we had lunch plans with Kristel.  A quick trip downtown and yummy lunch with Kristel and we were off once again!  This time Micheals where I got all stocking stuffers taken care of and Costco.  Holy effin crap it was an epic day of shopping.
I somehow managed to stay awake until 10pm that night.  No idea how-it felt like high school times.  Super happy that I am DONE with Christmas shopping but even happier that Jack and I spent like 2 days together.  Despite a few bitchy moments-me in Forever 21 and she in Target and pdog in Toys R Us, yeah we all had our moments.  Oh and Forever 21 was awesome.  I have no idea how Jack can come up with this stuff so quickly. Sales girl "You cannot return lingerie" Jackie-"But I do it all the time" with innocent confused look.  I was lmao as the 18 year old said Jackie was corrupting her and I couldn't help insert-dont go A T M.
Steller good times and overall a rad weekend that didn't seem to end but now its Monday and I really need to do homework.

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