Sunday, May 24, 2009

The song WAS about me

I had a fucking crazy dream last night. I've had similar dreams in the past but it doesn't matter how many times I have them they scare me on a deep emotional level. I dreamed my body was covered in warts. Yeah, gross. I have also dreamed that I have no nose. The dream before this consisted of me having no teeth. WTF. There is always a horrible feeling of dread in my stomach before my brain decides to clue me that its a dream.
It's a horrible moment and even after my brain and my sub-conscious speak I can't get my dream to steer out of that direction.
Wat does this say about me? How vain am I if my fear is that I will be disfigured somehow. I need a dream dictionary cause I know that most of the time the obvious answer is far from the correct one.

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Ginamonster said...

I tend to go with how the dream makes you feel; dream dictionaries always seem to preach some random load if crap about riches coming soon. Like a fortune cookie.

I lose my teeth in dreams a lot. But the one where I grew a subcutaneous horn from my forehead might have been the worst.